Conference and catering

The company IN CATERING, which operates the TÁCY na Pankráci estaurant, has been a leading supplier of catering services since 1995. IN CATERING is a modern and dynamic company that follows the path of modern gastronomy, is creative and always puts a great idea and an unforgettable atmosphere into the prepared event. We specialize in the preparation of catering for social and corporate events, and in our repertoire you will find many interesting concepts that will perfectly match any type of event.

In the neighborhood of TÁCY na Pankráci there are two conference spaces ideal for social and corporate events, where we will provide you with a gastronomic experience of the highest level.


The City Conference Center (KCC) is located right in the Empiria building. KCC offers three halls with a total capacity of up to 480 people in a theater session.
If you would like to increase the capacity even more, it is also possible to use the premises of our TÁCY na Pankráci dining room.

KCC saw several changes and improvements. Parquet floors were renovated in the Empiria Hall and a new information and navigation system was installed, which can now be used for events. Some other parts of the center also received repairs.

We created a new concept directly for KCC. The words that best describe it are elegance and simplicity, which are qualities that also characterize the entire interior. It was possible to connect everything harmoniously.


More details on the City Conference Center website


The new multifunctional Cubex Centrum Praha is located in the adjacent Trimaran building, which is connected to the Empiria building only by a short corridor. Due to their uniqueness and variability of interiors, Cubex's cubist spaces are ideal for corporate presentations, congresses, conferences and trainings, as well as for music and film events, balls, gala dinners and many others.

Cubex Center Prague offers up to 8 sections, 4 foyers and 2 bars. The main hall with a capacity of 1,000 people in a theater layout can be divided into three parts and is complemented by smaller halls and lounges with a total capacity of 1,200 people.

The architectural concept of the interior refers to Czech Cubism. The entire space is filled with elements reminiscent of this world-unique style in architecture. From openwork areas on the walls, through uniquely designed bar and registration counters, to such details as cubist elements in the catering equipment, custom-made glasses, chafings and other decorations in this style.

If you are interested in a tour of the premises, or even the processing of an offer, contact Cubex Centrum Prague by email: